A secluded paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean


Lhaviyani Atoll, Maldives

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Yumi Yamazaki

It only takes 15 luxurious residences designed by the Japanese Yumi Yamazaki to make this island a special place. Strategically positioned in the shape of an egg in such a way that you only see the blue horizon and have the sensation of living in a dream without neighbours."

When Lars Petre arrived in the Maldives in 1985, he discovered a world of beauty and possibility beyond anything he could have imagined. With only 15 gentle hotels scattered across the islands, he quickly seized the moment to co-found the country’s first sea-plane outfit – and that was just the beginning.

Today, Lars is responsible for nine sublime hotels, including Kudadoo, where he has created a paradise dedicated to promoting an entirely new kind of all-inclusive experience. A luxurious island hideaway with its own unique culture, Kudadoo promises each guest moments of pure serenity amidst picture perfect landscapes.

It only takes 15 luxurious residences designed by the Japanese Yumi Yamazaki to make this island a special place. Strategically positioned in the shape of an egg in such a way that you only see the blue horizon and have the sensation of living in a dream without neighbours. 

The ryokan-style design of this villa brings a unique combination of Japanese features, with wood and open spaces helping to create a free circulation of air. On one side, majestic full-height windows open out to the deck, pool and sea beyond, while the other reveals a marble bathtub and shower for bathing in bliss.

Inside there’s another bathroom with two washbasins and a dressing table, plus a bedroom area at the centre of the room where the bed faces towards the ocean. Alongside is a lounge space complete with sofa, TV and two fridges – one for soft drinks and one for wine – so you can indulge without worry. Everything in the bar is replenished each morning as part of Kudadoo’s Anything, Anytime, Anywhere philosophy – allowing guests to make the most of their luxuriously serene stay in paradise.

On the other side of the island, opposite the residences, stands a large building of common spaces where you will find all the leisure, wellness and dining options. 

Remarkably, this architectural marvel is covered with a 984-panel solar roof that provides all the electrical energy Kudadoo needs, eliminating the need for diesel-fuel. And not only does it collect electricity, but the design of the roof with gaps lets in light to illuminate the interior during the day. 

The island itself acts as a connection between the residential side and the leisure and restaurant side. Although you can enjoy some activities on the mainland. For example, water sports, tennis – thanks to its magnificent court – and naps under the coconut trees, with hammocks scattered all over the centre of the island. 

In the main building you will find the only restaurant where the best gastronomic offerings are prepared – including a cheese room with hundreds of types of cheeses and cold meats imported from all over the world and a wine cellar with an enviable wine list – and a poolside bar where you can sample the best cocktails to watch a magical sunset.

There are many other activities such as diving, jet skiing, personal training, yoga, x-blade boots to dance suspended over the water or visit a sandbank to experience the sensation of being on a small piece of sand surrounded by water with no one around. 

Everything is possible at Kudadoo but if that’s not enough, you can visit 5.8 Undersea Restaurant, one of the few underwater glass restaurants to enjoy life under our feet. Just a 5 minute speedboat ride away is this restaurant located on Hurawalhi’s sister property. 

But the gastronomic in Kudadoo is the food itself. No need for sophisticated and grand restaurant offerings. Kudadoo is the embodiment of culinary sophistication, featuring masterfully crafted flavours curated and overseen by an executive chef. You can enjoy classic favourites and exquisite delicacies – all dietary requirements and preferences can be taken into account upon request. And it will be served wherever you like, in your villa, on the beach overlooking the sea or surrounded by tropical greenery. The important thing is how delicious and personalized everything is!

If we step up to the first floor of the main building, we will find Sulha Spa, a sanctuary suspended over the ocean, where you can find an immersive experience designed to bring peace and serenity. There, you will calm the persistent conscious loop with world-class spa treatments and well-being activities that will leave you feeling revitalized, reset and connected.

Lonu Cave offers a unique healing experience with its natural 1,000 year-old Himalayan salt lining the walls. Step inside and breathe in the air, which is full of minerals proven to clear sinuses, open up your lungs and relax tight muscles. Finish with a luxurious Himalayan salt stone massage, leaving you feeling deeply cleansed and rested.

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